Novak Djokovic wins Sixth Wimbledon Trophy

By Vedan Choolun, Editor of the Daily news online newspaper

World No-1 Novak Djokovic became the Wimbledon champion for the 6th time. The Serbian is anticipated to overtake both Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer for most Grand Slam titles in history. He already has 20 Grand Slam titles to his credit but is not willing to sit up. The world no. 1 has adopted some lifestyle habits which have brought him closer to certain traditional Indian cultural practises.

Daily News, Editor, Vedan Choolun reports that post the nail-biting match ended, a tearful Messi was thrown into the air by some of his joyous teammates.

In one of his social media posts, the ace tennis star is seen with his young son while on the wall behind him, stands a large painting of Lord Krishna during the Ras-Leela. This photograph is not a new one and was tweeted by the Serbian on August 26, 2018. But for some reason, it came to public observation now who noticed this beautiful work of Indian art that the champion player has placed in his house.

Along with this, the Serbian has also adopted a vegan diet to make himself fitter. This followed his discovery of gluten-intolerance in himself. A healthy diet has also been one of the factors contributing to his success, as per his own admission.

Novak Djokovic has accomplished his childhood dream by winning for the sixth times the Wimbledon Trophy. He is recognised by all sport pundits as the greatest Tennis player in the history of the sport.

By Vedan Choolun, Editor of the Daily News online newspaper, London, UK

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