UITVconnect commenced by Mr. Vedan Choolun,is a wonderful media platform offering Indian, global and news from all sections for free of cost. It’s quick & unique with latest news available first at this site.

Sarath Ali

A very interesting & unique project- Maicircle begun under VedanChoolun's leadership is a platform with multiple free channels brings together dynamic global Indian diaspora community on a single platform providing wide range of contents on which they can share & exchange their ideas amongst themselves.


Ajanta HC is a highly praiseworthy heritage conservation effort by Mr. Vedan Choolun that aims to preserve the lost glory of Ajanta Cave murals which marks the identity of world's oldest & influential religion- Buddhism & Hinduism.

Vajay Varma

Daily News, yet another commendable and innovative free digital online newspaper offering an opportunity to independent journalists, writers, students etc. to write articles, express their opinions and exchange their views on national and international news in the global platform.


Mr. Vedan Choolun is a dynamic and successful entrepreneur to work with. His sharp ideas on politics of Asia and long experience in media and information industry is unparalleled.


Mr. VedanChoolun is immensely inspirational figure in the world of media. His various projects are unique In itself. His leadership qualities and management skills are unrivalled.


As an election strategist, Mr. VedanChoolun is so deep insight into the mind of voters and can political figures, he can just hit the right cord of the masses by advising the candidate on honestly focus on their specific preferences.

Rahul Kumar


Mr. VedanChoolun is rich of ideas and dedicated to the media and information sector. His ideas, outlook of a specific political event, his dedication towards his motherland makes him a unique persona right blend of knowledge and humble attitude.