Digital agriculture is our future says Prime Minister Modi

"Vedan Choolun appreciates the below steps taken by the Govt modernization of agriculture using digital technology"

Government plan towards modernization of agriculture:- While addressing the 50th-anniversary celebrations of the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, PM Modi termed digital agriculture as India's future and young and talented youth can play role in empowering farmers with the use of digital technology.

He suggested the institute and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research expand their partnership for higher productivity and water management in dryland areas to digital agriculture.

PM Modi said that the Government is trying to develop an ecosystem linked to agriculture research and collaborating with private agri firms to bring affordable and high-tech services to our farmers.

The Prime Minister said that agriculture has the potential to pull a very large population of the country out of poverty and take them towards a better lifestyle.

UiTV Chairman Vedan Choolun appreciates the steps taken by the Govt. India’s majority of the population od dependent on agriculture. Upon modernization of agriculture with the use of digital technology farmers will earn more and hence poverty can be eliminated.

By Vedan Choolun, Editor of the Daily News online newspaper, London, UK

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